The Sunny Studio


From East to West


I’ve been a creative my entire life. It all started in my early days. I’d be drawing and painting instead of doing my homework or rearranging my bedroom until the sun came up. I spent my high school years with my camera glued to my eye, taking (far too many) portraits of my friends and family, stopping on the side of the road to capture a lone decrepit barn, or seeking out packs of wildflowers. I preferred to spend gym, and maybe a few other, classes in the darkroom processing countless photographs.

A few years after high-school, I was a portrait photographer at a local photography studio. After six years, I felt like I was craving something new. Maybe because it was all digital, and I missed the intimacy of my preferred photography style and the rawness of film? Or maybe because my days started to feel a little repetitive? Either way, I found myself standing in front of a new opportunity: My best friend was moving to Portland, ME and she needed someone to take on her Graphic Design role. After a lot of hard work, I got the job! Seven years have gone by and I haven’t looked back once. Ok, maybe once or twice, you know, during those gut wrenching creative ruts we all seem to fall into every now and then (hey, we’re only human, right?). That job was the beginning of my design career and I’m so proud of younger me for taking that leap. I’ve had the opportunity to work for some incredible companies throughout the years who have been integral in shaping me into the designer I am today.

A little over a year ago, the desire to run my own design studio started to sneak its way into my thoughts. I needed time to think holistically about the business and knew it wouldn't happen overnight. What type of services would I offer? Who were the clients I would like to reach? What did my brand stand for? After a few big (like really big) life changes it seemed as though all of the stars were aligned and I was more inspired than ever to make that desire a reality. So here we are friends. The Sunny Studio is my new chapter and I’m excited for you to be a part of it.




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